Often Awesome The Series Goes to the Webby Awards

Please help ALS suck less by reading this press release from Blake and Andy of All Aces Media who created Often Awesome The Series. Then vote! You can make a difference!

Thank you!
- Rachel LaFollette Jones

We are thrilled to announce that Often Awesome the series is a finalist for Best Documentary Series in The Webby Awards! Often Awesome the series is a web series that follows Timothy LaFollette who was diagnosed at 29 with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) in 2009. We created 34, 10-minute episodes from diagnosis to his passing. Often Awesome the series chronicles a beautiful tale about love, hope, community, friendship and courage, in the face of daunting challenges and deep loss.

Tim wanted to participate in this series to raise awareness about ALS and to show the horror of the world's best kept secret disease. He did his job well! It is now up to us to get his story out to as many people as possible and the best way to do that is to vote daily for Often Awesome the series for The People's Voice Award of The Webby's. This award is the Oscars for the web and can bring light to such a dark subject.

Often Awesome the series is nominated along with programs produced by PBS, the Sundance Channel, and the Independent Film Channel, all of whom have professional marketing teams at their disposal. That's why Often Awesome the series needs your help.

We urgently ask you to vote for Often Awesome the series and to share this opportunity with your friends, family, co-workers, Facebook, Twitter, linkedin, Google+, reedit, message boards, blog it and anywhere else that you have a voice.

Not only do we want to educate people about the horror of ALS, we want to introduce the world to Tim. He was a one-of-a-kind talent freak with a heart open for the world. This story will not only bring you to tears, it will make you smile about the beauty of humanity.

You can vote DAILY here:

Episode 27 : Any of Us Can Do It

Episode 27 : “Any of Us Can Do It” — More members of the Often Awesome Army find creative ways to raise money for Tim’s quality of life care.

Often Awesome The Series is a web series about Tim and Kaylan’s battle with ALS. Its a story about love, friends, strength and courage. Join us every two weeks for a new chapter in this amazing adventure.

For more information on Often Awesome The Series Click Here

The Series

Darling Army,

For those of you refreshing your browsers, waiting for the next episode, I have some bad news and some good news for you.

The bad news: You're gonna have to wait a little longer. From now on, episodes will premier on the 15th of ever month.

The good news: Episodes will be longer and somehow, they have it in their head that it could possibly be better! I would be skeptical (seriously, how do you get better than that last episode?) but those dudes always somehow manage to come through. Also, Andy and Blake have big plans for community involvement and event organizing. Andy said, "We're going to take it to the next level." I don't know about ya'll but I'm super stoked.

Currently, Andy is stuck in Massachusetts with no power and Blake has a high fever. Once the universe quits conspiring against them, they will be in touch with more information.

Love love love!!!

Lis Tyroler

You're too good, soo...

last time i sent a message about the cyst under my armpit, i literally woke up the next morning to a tiny, shivled and sweet old lady holing a scalpel. "i hear you have an owie! " she said. no exaggerations. i had written the request a one in the morning and here it was eight something and she's ready to cut.

point is everyone i know seems to have a connection to someone i need to get in toch with. this one's a bit more of a hail mary, but you far away folk get to help on this one.

as many of you know, or knew me prior to tis fucking disease, i was a mac user. not the snobby rich type, i used macs for my profession and hobby, video, but my passion as well, music. apple prides and touts itself as an accessible company. for the most part, they are. but no eye tracking. i have been writing the accessibility department for about a week now. no response thus far. it just seems to me that with the number of diseases that render immobility, they would like to be at the cutting edge of this new technology.

now i'm not suggesting a letter writing campaign (yet). testing the limits of our connection, i would like to know if any of you know an apple insider? i would like a virtual meeting with as high as i can go in the accessibility department, hopefully the top. long shot but does anyone know anyone (who knows someone ) to help? just checkin'. you seem to know everybody.

with love, tim

ok, so a lot of you know apple folk. forgot to attach link to the trailer. please send this to them to better inform them. and lord almighty, you can't begin to understand my appreciation. i swear, i should ask if any of you know a cure.

with love, tim

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Holiday Info and Help Request

Darling Army,

For starters, thank you guys again for all of the offers and attempts to help last night and this morning. You do my heart good.

Also, I've gotten a few requests for a holiday gift template , so I had the talented Michela Maxwell whip one up!

Click here to download the card as a PDF

Click here to download the card as an Image for email

Also, Kate McNeely has created a brilliant holiday email tag to promote OA PayPal subscriptions.

It can be found here:

Finally, we are in need of coverage on Christmas day from 11am-3pm and it is possible that the usual suspects may be unavailable. If any of you Greensboro folks aren't into celebrating Christmas OR you want to do something that embodies the spirit of giving, shoot me a line and we'll get you trained up before the big day.

Infinite love.


MRSA and Me

good kids book name, no?

let me start by saying i wrote that letter last night expecting a collective laugh or sigh. that was a non-catholic hail mary. never in a million years did i expect to wake up with a sweet old lady above me with a scalpel. yes, that's correct, in less than ten hours a doctor was here to cut me up and shove a wound tampon (packing material for those more mature than me) in me.

the often awesome army has no medals... yet. but we're going to start now. the winner of the first medal of honor (to be renamed later) goes to miss abigail harris. for those that don't have the pleasure of knowing abby, she is one of the swetest, kindest, beautiful, FUNNY, women you'll ever meet. she's also the mother of two amazing children. and she's studying so that one day she can scare waking cripples with scalpel. abby, the army salutes you soldier. if you would like to meet abigail harris, get a massage from her at massage envy on lawndale. she's an amazing therapist. go find out for yourself!

i'm in tears now, which is not only from my painful armpit, but from my gratitude (and i cry really easy). what a lucky, undeserving bastard i am. thank you army. thank you abby. thank you dr. zeller. now its time to take pain meds. and i gots goooood meds.

eternally indebted,

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Calling Local Army Members

local army members. over the past year, i have requested help with all sorts of crazy things. web services, dentistry, butt paste, etc,. but this one takes the cake. and if someone manages to find help, it'll eat the cake as well.

as most of you know, my pain threshold is at it's limit. the end of the pain chart with the guy with the shit-taking face? that with flames out the ears. nd no, this isn't a call for drugs. it's wierder.

i know have a cyst under my armpit. the kind that hurts like a mofo and needs to be lanced with a scalpel and stuffed with packing material to drain all that blood and puss (i refer to that affectionately as wound tampons). however, moving me right now is not only difficult, but very painful, even without this.

here's the impossible request. does anyone know a doctor, yes a doctor, willing to take enough pity to lance this at home? i come with my own nurses, insurance, and witty banter! extra pay fior makin a house call.

the thought that one of you may know my savior, but free case of beer /bottle of wine finders fee. from what i remember, any discapline can do it. inject lidocaine, scalpel cyst, pop like massive zit, insert wound tampon. so if someone is not only well connected enough to know a doc, but one withh a huge heart please let me know. i'm dyin' here, nyuck nyuck.


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Episode 26 : A Year to Remember

Episode 26 : “A Year To Remember” — After a year of documenting Tim with ALS we put together a retrospective of the progression of ALS this past year.

Often Awesome The Series is a web series about Tim and Kaylan’s battle with ALS. Its a story about love, friends, strength and courage. Join us every two weeks for a new chapter in this amazing adventure.

For more information on Often Awesome The Series Click Here

Supporting those who support us

Everyone who knows me knows the rant. big pharma will never cure ALS because there are too few of us to make a profit. but there are companes that do care enough about us to do what they can to support us. tobii ati is one of those companies.

tobii is going to be provide me with a new computer that will free me from the shackles of als more than anyone else. this new, compact, portable computer that will allow me to communicate and more everywhere i go. they are a company who is constantly searching for new ways to support people like me.

my friend at the company, carl, has recently created a facebook page to connect patients, caretakers, and those who care about their continuing quest to support those like me. please help me support them by joining the tobii ati community page. click on the link and join the page and lets show them what we got, army!


Episode 25 : The Last Hurrah

Episode 25 : “Last Hurrah” — Decoration Ghost performs a private show for Tim after having an amp fail at a Homecoming performance that Tim attended.

Often Awesome The Series is a web series about Tim and Kaylan’s battle with ALS. Its a story about love, friends, strength and courage. Join us every two weeks for a new chapter in this amazing adventure.

For more information on Often Awesome The Series Click Here

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