Calling all Inventors!

hello all. sorry this is going to be such a short update. i have been practicing my eye typing a lot which is swiftly becoming my only form of communication. It's a bit isolating, but not as frustrating as trying to have people try to read my weakening lips. Anyway i promise to update more thoroughly soon but this is more narrow in purpose.
Michele Dupree has graciously donated an adjustable sleep number bed which is on its way to solve my intense discomfort.

However it has no bed rails which is a huge problem now that i tend to shit on a pad on the bed. Yes, you read that correctly. Anyway for that and other reasons i often need to be rolled over in bed. No rails means Tim falls off the bed go bye bye. Since the sleep number bed is not a medical bed, they dont make them. Does anyone know a way we can put a rail on at least the left side of the bed? if not i fear it cant stay. So if anyone has any solutions (remember that this is an adjustable bed) please let me know. love ya.


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