know this is a little late in the evening. Sometimes, after a stressful week, a girl has no choice but to go out dancing.

I left the hospital today at 9am so my understanding of what's going on is tenuous at best. I'm gonna do my best to parrot what I've heard throughout the day and I'll get back to you tomorrow if I've misunderstood anything. If I did understand correctly, the CT scan was free of surprises. He has pneumonia. No shock there. I think that they did a bronchoscopy and found some trauma from suctioning but nothing else. They took some samples and sent them to the lab. He will be in the hospital at least until the results come back.

Tim's parents are in town and he's decided that he needs some family time. We'll put out the word when he's decided that he's up for visits from friends. My voicemail box is almost full and I've got an awful lot of messages to respond to. I promise I'll get back to you once I've worked my way through all of the messages!

love love love!