Well, the good news first. Tim's health has been pretty stable lately and things have been going pretty smoothly. So, even though it doesn't sound very eventful, it's still good news!!

The bad news and reason for the email: Kaylan was in a fender bender today. This means that, while she can still suction Tim, she can't perform her normal care duties... meaning range of motion, getting Tim in the sling, propping Tim up, etc.

For the next week or so, I'd like to schedule people from 5:30pm-11pm, with a special emphasis on the 8pm-11pm shift. This weekend will require coverage during the day. People don't need to be trained, since Kaylan can handle the vent/trache related stuff- you just need to be willing to do some heavy lifting!

Facebook me, email me (info@oftenawesome.org) or text message me (336.339.9668) and we'll start getting the calendar sorted out.

I'll keep you updated!


On a non-care related note, I'm going to start bugging you guys about nominating Often Awesome the Series for the Mashable Awards in the category of Most Creative Social Good. This is a great way to spread ALS awareness!! Remember to vote daily and to share on facebook as much as possible!



The amazing Sarah Nees pointed out how awesome it would be to show our Often Awesome army support through pumpkin designs. She made some badass templates to share with the group and I'm sorry I'm only getting around to it now!

See here:


and here:


love love love, amazing soldiers.