Home Sweet Home

So, our Timmy made it home from the hospital today, safe and sound! He wanted me to thank all of you on his behalf for all of the support and visits and love. Now he's very very tired and wants rest. For the rest of the week, he plans on not having too many visitors other than the inner circle of caregivers who are trained in trache care. If you really want to visit him, I suggest messaging either him or me to see if he is up for company.

He still has pneumonia in his left lung and has some irritation in his bronchial passageway that may take up to 6 weeks to heal. He says the fight is far from over but he's awfully glad to be fighting from the comfort of his own home.

And on my own behalf, I want to thank you a thousand times for all that you guys have done in the past week and half- The sweet messages, gifts, time, energy and sleepless nights. You guys are just mind bogglingly amazing.

love love love,