MRSA and Me

good kids book name, no?

let me start by saying i wrote that letter last night expecting a collective laugh or sigh. that was a non-catholic hail mary. never in a million years did i expect to wake up with a sweet old lady above me with a scalpel. yes, that's correct, in less than ten hours a doctor was here to cut me up and shove a wound tampon (packing material for those more mature than me) in me.

the often awesome army has no medals... yet. but we're going to start now. the winner of the first medal of honor (to be renamed later) goes to miss abigail harris. for those that don't have the pleasure of knowing abby, she is one of the swetest, kindest, beautiful, FUNNY, women you'll ever meet. she's also the mother of two amazing children. and she's studying so that one day she can scare waking cripples with scalpel. abby, the army salutes you soldier. if you would like to meet abigail harris, get a massage from her at massage envy on lawndale. she's an amazing therapist. go find out for yourself!

i'm in tears now, which is not only from my painful armpit, but from my gratitude (and i cry really easy). what a lucky, undeserving bastard i am. thank you army. thank you abby. thank you dr. zeller. now its time to take pain meds. and i gots goooood meds.

eternally indebted,

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