Paypalmergency and November Update

Oh delicious, fantastic, amazing Army,

This month, we are especially in need of your generosity and support. Over half of the paypal subscriptions will be expiring at the end of November. Without your gifts, it becomes very difficult to take care of Tim and provide him with the quality of life that he deserves. While we dream of a day when OA will be a non-profit and we can organize funding in a more professional way, right now, we rely completely on those subscriptions to take care of Tim. You can give as little as $5 dollars a month or as much as $50. Last year, along with many other people, I used my OA subscription in place of Christmas and Hanukkah presents. Rather than give my friends and family a bunch of stuff they didn't need, I chose 12 people in my life, and rather than buy them presents, I gave them each their very own month of OA sponsorship. I created cards and included a letter that described Tim, ALS and Often Awesome. If this is something that generates some interest, we'd be happy to make a template for you guys.

Please renew your subscription or begin a new one here:

I know you guys are all wondering how our boy is doing. Tim can no longer speak without his Tobii. We are waiting on a new one that will allow him to communicate when he's not in bed. He's now on an all liquid diet, but don't worry, he still enjoys a single malt scotch through his tube (we put just a single cc on his tongue). Also, he is in much better spirits now that his depression and pain meds have been adjusted. Our Timmy's fighting spirit is back in full force and his gears are turning. Expect big things. We're gonna take advocacy to the next level, my friends. Oh, and he wanted me to ask you guys to send the trailer to every person you know!

Also, don't forget to keep sending Tim mail!! He loves it and hasn't been getting much lately!

Angela Cook
P.O. Box 606
Summerfield, NC


Sigh. Have I mentioned lately how much we love and appreciate you? This crazy thing we're doing has expanded beyond our little community. Often Awesome has developed into something bigger than we ever expected and now has two distinct roles. Initially, we formed this group for those of us that loved Tim, wanted updates, and needed to know how we could help. As time progressed, we saw the impact that our story was having on a larger community. Tim became keenly aware of his mission to spread ALS awareness.

This thing is no longer simply about Tim. Often Awesome has officially become a full fledged ALS awareness movement. The web series has allowed us to reach a huge audience and has moved so many people that don't even know Tim. Of course, in addition to Andy and Blake's genius and Tim and Kaylan's amazingness, the web series is so powerful and moving because of YOU. When I ask anyone which episode is their favorite, inevitably, they will describe an episode that really highlights the community love and support. Without the beauty of our human interaction, this movement simply couldn't exist. Like I've said before, you can't think about the Often Awesome Army without feeling moved by the beauty of a community's capacity for love and generosity. So thank you guys. As lengthy as this email has gotten, there really just aren't words.

love love love,