Supporting those who support us

Everyone who knows me knows the rant. big pharma will never cure ALS because there are too few of us to make a profit. but there are companes that do care enough about us to do what they can to support us. tobii ati is one of those companies.

tobii is going to be provide me with a new computer that will free me from the shackles of als more than anyone else. this new, compact, portable computer that will allow me to communicate and more everywhere i go. they are a company who is constantly searching for new ways to support people like me.

my friend at the company, carl, has recently created a facebook page to connect patients, caretakers, and those who care about their continuing quest to support those like me. please help me support them by joining the tobii ati community page. click on the link and join the page and lets show them what we got, army!