Updates from OA

Hello, darling Army

No major health updates today, we’re just writing to give you some information.

Most importantly, a lot has changed with Tim’s care needs since the original trainings. I know a lot of you have messaged me to let me know that you are interesting in taking on some caregiving responsibilities. We’re getting ready to schedule some new trainings and I would like to get all of our volunteers in one place. Will you email me (lis) at info@oftenawesome.org ? Please put “care training” in the subject and include all of your contact information in the body (phone, email, facebook, everything). Also, please note your schedule availability for both training and care.

Tim wanted me to put in a special request to our army asking you guys to join and donate to this very special cause:

From Michele Dupree:
“I am just overwhelmed with devastating emails of people literally in poverty due to ALS. They're overwhelmed with how they will pay for heat or food- and can't even think about the holidays. It's so sickening! anyway- if you would- every penny counts and we need an army here!!”

Also, Kate McNeely wanted me to share a few things with you guys:

“As you all know, we have several things ongoing to promote ALS awareness right now.
Wednesday night, Fox 8 News, WGHP, ran an extended story by Bob Buckley about Often Awesome. You’ll recognize a lot of the footage, since most of it was donated by Blake and Andy from the Often Awesome: The Series archives! Bob and his team were caring, professional, kind and complimentary throughout this process, so take a look at the segment, posted here:
…and remember to show your support for those who are helping promote ALS awareness and telling our dearest, darlingest Tim’s story! Follow this link:
…to write to Fox 8 and thank them for their help in the fight against ALS!

We’re trying to get Often Awesome: The Series nominated for a Mashable award, for Most Creative Social Good Campaign. It would be a wonderful way to draw attention to this incredible story and to help Andy and Blake get a teensy fraction of the credit and recognition they deserve for the work they do! The link to vote is here:
…and you can go back and vote again daily! Try attaching the link to your email signature with a brief explanation, posting it on Facebook, or just going to oftenawesome.org, clicking on the pretty blue Mashable box on the right side of the page, and dragging it into your browser’s bookmark bar! That way, you’ll remember every day!

Most of you have seen the new trailer for Often Awesome: The Series. If you haven’t stop what you’re doing. Right. Effing. Now. And go watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-FpROeybeI

Our mentions online, in the press, on blogs, etc. have been picking up lately, which is an excellent sign for ALS Awareness. If you have any ideas or leads for stories, please feel free to send them to Kate@OftenAwesome.org. I’ll totally help you.
And remember, babies, that you can give and encourage your friends to give, at http://oftenawesome.org/?q=node%2F3 or to Tim’s favorite ALS Charity, ALS TDI at https://www.als.net/GetInvolved/Donate.aspx
No amount is too small to make a difference! Also, if you are a corporation and would like to donate to Often Awesome but need nonprofit status in order to contribute, please donate to Often Awesome The Series at http://www.allacesmedia.com/oftenawesome/2010/08/18/donate/ .

As always, we love you guys. Thank you so much for your boundless love and support.

love love love,

Lis, Kate, Michele, and Tim