You're too good, soo...

last time i sent a message about the cyst under my armpit, i literally woke up the next morning to a tiny, shivled and sweet old lady holing a scalpel. "i hear you have an owie! " she said. no exaggerations. i had written the request a one in the morning and here it was eight something and she's ready to cut.

point is everyone i know seems to have a connection to someone i need to get in toch with. this one's a bit more of a hail mary, but you far away folk get to help on this one.

as many of you know, or knew me prior to tis fucking disease, i was a mac user. not the snobby rich type, i used macs for my profession and hobby, video, but my passion as well, music. apple prides and touts itself as an accessible company. for the most part, they are. but no eye tracking. i have been writing the accessibility department for about a week now. no response thus far. it just seems to me that with the number of diseases that render immobility, they would like to be at the cutting edge of this new technology.

now i'm not suggesting a letter writing campaign (yet). testing the limits of our connection, i would like to know if any of you know an apple insider? i would like a virtual meeting with as high as i can go in the accessibility department, hopefully the top. long shot but does anyone know anyone (who knows someone ) to help? just checkin'. you seem to know everybody.

with love, tim

ok, so a lot of you know apple folk. forgot to attach link to the trailer. please send this to them to better inform them. and lord almighty, you can't begin to understand my appreciation. i swear, i should ask if any of you know a cure.

with love, tim

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